We are proud to announce that Prof. John Goldsmith (U Chicago) will be here on January 23rd to give a colloquium talk entitled "Language: Generative Grammar and Machine Learning." The talk will begin at 5:45pm on Monday the 23rd, in the Agora Space (first floor, G150) of Discovery Park. Prof. Goldsmith is a phonologist, computational linguist, and cognitive scientist who will speak about the great potential of (and possible cognitive dissonance aroused by) the juxtaposition of generative grammar and machine learning. See the Events item for further detail!

Former UNT Linguistics Visiting Scholar Sumshot Kular is profiled in the Fall 2016 J World Newsletter (pg. 4) from the UNT International Students and Scholars Office. Ms. Kular, a linguist from Manipur, in northeast India, was here to work on the Lamkang Online Lexical Database project. Check out this great article to learn more about Sumshot's perspective on Denton and her time here!

If you are interested in getting involved with Linguist List there are summer internships that can be found here