CoRSAL Agenda

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   8:45-9:30 AM

   Sign-in and Coffee and Continental Breakfast

   9:30-9:40 AM

   Welcome Cathy Hartman, Interim Dean of Libraries

   9:40-10:40 AM

   David Germano

   Title:  "Illuminating the Dark Archives: Scalable Services for Complexity, Collaboration, and Community in the Digital Academy,"

    Abstract:  Using the image of dark archives and luminous networks, this talk will trace my own several decade pathway through collaborative knowledge production with a particular place, people, and languages. In doing so, I will explore the design of software tools and platforms to enable such work to take form in ways adequate to the challenges of complexity, collaboration, and community that bedevil the humanistic enterprise. The dark archive refers to the reality that most scholarly productivity from lifetimes of research and teaching, as well as community-embedded knowledge, never sees the light of day due to the inadequacy of our traditional publishing models, disciplinary fragmentation, and elite models of knowledge production. I will explore how new digitally enabled approaches to service might yet offer a new possibilities in research and publication that could bring light to dispel the darkness, and both articulate and create luminous networks of knowledge and knowledge producers

   10:40-11:00 AM


   11:00-12:00 PM  

   Gary Simons

   Title: Developing infrastructure for interoperating digital language archives

   Abstract: The digital language archiving enterprise is facing serious bottlenecks in scaling up the submission of new materials and the use of already archived materials. This talk explores the strategies of separation of concerns and automation of services in developing an infrastructure for interoperation that can break these bottlenecks


   12:00-1:30 PM


   BOX LUNCH – in Willis 250H

   With time to walk around the new Student Union and Library

   1:30-1:35 PM

   DESSERT and COFFEE– catered in Willis 250H

   Welcome by Pia Wood, Vice Provost and Dean of International Affairs


   1:35-2:30 PM


   CoRSAL Team, Project introduction
  Vision and planning for the Computational Resource on South Asian Languages

   2:30-3:15 PM  

   Desired functionalities and their technical requirements (what are the aspirational functionalities; how were mirror sites set up, partner data upload, connectivity challenges, and servers)

   Lead - Nilutpal Sundi; Discussants:  Gary Simons, Susan Kung



   3:15-4:00 PM

   Existing resources (what we know now, what questions still need to be asked,  people and opportunities to fill this information gap)

   Lead – Elena Bashir; Discussants:  David Germano

   4:00-4:45 PM 

   Data formats, harmonized annotation

   Lead -  Susan Kung; Discussants:  Helen Aristar-Dry, Gary Simons, Alexis Palmer

   4:45-5:15 PM

   Archive and database usability

   Lead – Christina Oko-Willis; Discussants:  Sumshot Khular, Nancy Caplow, Christina Oko-Willis

   5:15-5:30 PM

   Remarks by Kinshuk, Dean, College of Information

    5:30-6:15 PM

   Archive and database architecture and usability continued,

   Wrapup and closing remarks

   7:30 PM

   DINNER (drive/get rides to Greenhouse – by invitation)