Several UNT faculty and students presented at the annual
DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference
Held at Texas A&M Commerce November 9th, 2018. 

More on the conference can be found HERE


UNT presentations at the DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference:

  • The reconstruction of Proto-Segai-Modang (Kalimantan, Indonesia) - Alexander Smith
  • The Passive Side of Sexual Violence: A Linguistic Analysis of ICTY “Landmark Cases” - Kristyne Wahlert & Ashley Balcazar
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Khurkhuls - Bebica Louriyam

UNT posters at the DFW Metroplex Linguistics Conference:

  • Prosodic Word in Lamkang Verbs - Levi Acord
  • Reanalyzing South-Central Tibeto-Burman’s Internal Structure: Evidence from Lamkang - Mary Burke
  • Madison Muniz The Thing Is: The Most Polysemous Word in the English Language - Mary Katherine Gowdy
  • Tonal Recall: Musical ability and language-learning ability | Nominalizing K-Prefix in Lamkang - Jane Lorenzen
  • Plural Marking in SiSwati Nouns - Sumshot Khular