Linguistics Language Explorer Summer Camp

Invent a Language, Invent a World!

A Linguistics Camp for Project-based Learning

The Linguistics Department in the College of Information at UNT is excited to offer summer camps for your middle or high school student!


    These 2-week summer camps will provide an overview of language science through hands-on activities, engaging guest speakers, interactive field trips, and fun capstone projects. Students will explore the wonders of languages and cultures around the world, create dictionaries and phrasebooks of invented languages in pop culture, conduct fieldwork on American English dialects, and use acoustic software to analyze speech. Students will also have the full university experience, with access to UNT’s exceptional libraries and facilities. Transferable knowledge and skills include: geography, history, the physics of sound, data collection methods, and problem-solving skills.

Summer Camp - Week 1: Real & SciFi Languages


• Travel the world! 
• Hear and learn about languages and speakers the world over.  
• Try out the sounds, learn short phrases and how to write in different scripts. 
• Guest lectures by UNT faculty and international students.  

• Learn about Invented Languages like Elvish and Yoda-speak.   
• Use language analysis software to create a dictionary and
   phrasebook of a language you invent!  

Summer Camp - Week 2: Dialects & Fingerprints

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• Learn about dialects of American English. 
• Do fieldwork on language dialects. 
• Discover how you feel about people who speak like you and those that don’t

• Use acoustic software to analyze speech.
• Be a forensic linguistic to solve who said it and who done it!  



- All day camp from Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

- 2:15 ratio; coordinated by Department of Linguistics faculty and graduate students

- Overview of language science with engaging activities, guest speakers, tools, and projects

- All camp materials provided

- Short breaks throughout the day and snacks and lunches provided

- Located on the main UNT campus for the full university experience

- Access to campus libraries and facilities



Feel free to email us with any questions!


Contact information


For more information, please contact:

Shobhana Chelliah:

Camp Organizer / Linguistics Professor

Kalaivahni Muthiah:

Camp Instructor / Linguistics Professor

Lisa Jeon:

Camp Instructor / Linguistics Professor

Trevor Sisk:

Linguistics Administrative Coordinator