Concentrations in Linguistics

MA Linguistics with concentration in Digital Language Analysis

Do you have a passion for linguistics and would like to keep up with technology trends? This concentration provides a broad spectrum application of digital resources for language analysis. It covers analysis from the level of speech sounds to connected discourse marking, making you competitive for different fields that require linguists. Some Natural Language Processing (NLP) careers for linguists utilize language analysis skills with preferred but not required skills in programming. Through study of some under-resourced languages, students will also gain valuable skills to potentially create teaching materials for first, second, or low-resourced languages. This concentration provides the need for broad background in language construction and linguistic competency.

MA Linguistics with concentration in Computational Linguistics

Do you see yourself working as a linguist at a tech company? Perhaps you wish to apply your language analysis skills in a computer science environment to teach computers the difference between /ᴂ/ and /α/. This 36 hour concentration is designed to reaffirm your passion for linguistics with a technical background. You’ll take some computer science courses with the aim to apply them to linguistics. Choosing this concentration, your skills will be in high demand in artificial intelligence, national defense, and linguistic research science and will further prepare you to pursue a PhD in Linguistics.