BA in Linguistics – Degree requirements


Hours required and general/college requirements:

     A minimum of 120 semester hours, of which 42 must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree as specified in the “University Core Curriculum” in the Academics section of this catalog.
Majors must complete 42 hours in Linguistics from the following lists:

Required (27 hours):

LING 3070 - Introduction to Linguistics
LING 3080 - Language and Society
LING 3090 - Discourse Analysis: Talking and Telling
LING 4040 - Phonetics and Phonology: The Sound Patterns of Language
LING 4050 - Morphology
LING 4055 - Syntax
LING 4060 - Scientific Methods
LING 4130 - Discovering Language from Data
LING 4950 - Senior Capstone Field Experience


Electives (15 hours):

LING 1020 - Speech for International Students
LING 2040 - Endangered Languages
LING 2050 - The Language of Now
LING 2060 - Language and Computers
LING 2070 - Language and Discrimination
LING 3020 - Forensic Linguistics
LING 3040 - The Politics of Language
LING 3050 - Communication Across Species
LING 4010 - English Language in America
LING 4020 - Structure of Modern English
LING 4030 - Acquisition of English as a Second Language
LING 4070 - History of the English Language
LING 4080 - Teaching English as a Second Language
LING 4090 - Semantics and Pragmatics
LING 4100 - Poetics
LING 4120 - Migration and Language Contact
LING 4140 - Computational Linguistics
LING 4410 - World Englishes


Foreign Language: 3–12 hours (or proficiency)
Must attain Intermediate II (2050) level (prerequisite for 2050 course is 2040; prerequisite for 2040 course is 1020; prerequisite for 1020 course is 1010).
Minor (Optional)
Linguistics majors who would like to study cutting-edge practices and technologies managing linguistic data for computational and quantitative analysis may choose to minor in Information Science.
Hours required for electives may vary based on course selection and University Core Curriculum requirements. Electives may be required to satisfy advanced hour requirement (42) and/or minimum total hours required for the degree. For specific information see an academic advisor in the College of Information.
Other requirements
A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required on all courses counted toward the major.