Collaborative Efforts

     UNT Linguistics is supported by an active linguistics research community at UNT with ties across campus and with local, national, and international communities. Some of the activities from this research network include:

Linguistics Colloquium: The Colloquium has hosted eminent national and international scholars in all major subfields of linguistics.

Linguistics in Motion Film Series: Linguistics-in-Motion features videos related to language that are screened in the media library and then followed by faculty-led post-viewing discussions. The series is open to UNT students and staff and has been well attended by undergraduate and graduate students from various majors.

Linguistics Summer Institute: This is a three‐week program, where students from Mexico and China come to UNT to learn English, and teachers learn current language teaching pedagogy.

Linguistics Circle: For the past fifteen years, linguistics faculty have been hosting potluck dinners at their homes to allow students and faculty to interact informally and discuss research activities. Typically, each meeting features a presentation by a UNT faculty member or student, or by a visitor.

Linguistics Conferences and Symposia: Linguists have organized international conferences and symposia at UNT such as the South Asian Languages Roundtable Conference, the Folklore in Muslim South Asia and Middle East symposium, “Kashmir: A Way Forward” seminar; and regional conferences such as Languaging and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Linguistics Conference.

Student Linguistics Association at North Texas (SLANT): This is a student-run association with a faculty mentor from Linguistics. The association hosts presentations on campus by both faculty and linguistics students.

Reading/Research Interest Groups: Student‐led reading groups of articles and discussions of research projects in linguistics related to thesis topics. Journal editorship and editorial board membership: UNT linguists sit on editorial boards or serve as review editors (Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, Himalayan Linguistics, Journal of South Asian Language and Linguistics, International Journal of American Linguistics).