Graduate Application FAQs 

What are the requirements for admission? 

Your application will be reviewed holistically and individually. We do not have a set of parameters for this reason. However, typically we do prefer to see: 

  • A BS or BA in a related field 

  • GPA of 2.8 (4.0 scale)

I have a low GPA or GRE scores; will I be disqualified? 

Your application is reviewed holistically, as a whole picture of you; no one piece is disqualifying by itself. 

What is a Statement of Purpose? 

A Statement of Purpose is a 300-500 word essay that generally serves to explain why you are applying to this program. The content and writing style is up to the individual, but the admissions committee will expect to see: 

  • Why you want to study linguistics 

  • What you plan to do with your degree 

  • Your past research experiences 

  • Why you want to study linguistics at UNT 

  • Your research areas of interest and if you have experience with specific UNT faculty research groups 

May I submit an official transcript as part of my Linguistics application? 

Yes, you may upload an unofficial transcript or a copy of an official transcript as part of your application to the Linguistics department. Please note: an official transcript is required as part of your Toulouse Graduate School application. 

When will I be notified of a decision? 

As soon as the application reviewing committee comes to an admission decision, you will be notified by both email and post mail. Once your application is complete, it will be moved forward to the review process. 

Decisions are made for on a rolling basis. We do not accept students for summer admission. 

What funding options are available for graduate students? 

Graduate students in the Department of Linguistics at UNT are funded through a variety of sources. We attempt to consider all applicants for any and all scholarships/awards for which they are eligible. 

  • Department position as Teaching Assistantships (TA): Our department position stipends are very competitive and administered on a need basis. Student typically begin their studies with a department position. 

  • Research Assistantship (RA): Once a student joins a research group (first year of their program), they are often hired by their faculty advisor as a Research Assistant. Position details are determined by the faculty advisor. 

  • Other positions through the department are available for financial support. Please visit the financial support link on our website. 

Department positions are eligible for the Tuition Benefit Program, covering 9 credit hours (full time) of tuition and all mandatory fees for PhD students. MA students are provided with Tuition Benefit Program credits, but we are unable to guarantee coverage at the full-time rate. Eligibility details and benefit amounts vary each semester; specific details are outlined in your letter of admission. 

Additional scholarships, Fellowships, and Grants are offered through the Toulouse Graduate School.  

What if my question is not listed? 

Please email us at