handshake with text: Linguistics job opportunities

Our goal is to get students from educated to hired with marketable linguistics specific skills.

This page is a work in progress and will be updated bi-monthly as opportunities become available. (June 2019)

As you begin to apply, keep in mind these general ideas:

  • Getting the perfect job takes time and dedication. As much time as you put into perfecting your resume is the minimum amount of time you should spend searching.
  • Begin applying about 3-5 months before graduation. It really does take recruiters that long to get to you.
  • Resumes are short and summarized. CVs are longer and more detailed. Check out our career center for insights on a strong, outstanding resume.
  • More companies are looking into your social media profile before even calling you. Make sure you're up to date!
  • Networking activities happen on campus regularly. Check Handshake and sign up for alerts. 

Assistantships, grad student employment, and other jobs within the Linguistics department can be found in Handshake:



For general employment opportunities, check out these useful websites:

https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/ (must have a linkedin profile)
https://www.dice.com/ (for jobs in the tech field)
https://angel.co/ (for opportunities with startups)

June 2019