Master of Arts in Linguistics with a Concentration in Language Documentation

Do you have a passion for linguistics and would like to keep up with technology trends? This concentration provides a broad spectrum application of digital resources for language analysis. It covers analysis from the level of speech sounds to connected discourse marking, making you competitive for different fields that require linguists. Some Natural Language Processing (NLP) careers for linguists utilize language analysis skills with preferred but not required skills in programming. Through study of some under-resourced languages, students will also gain valuable skills to potentially create teaching materials for first, second, or low-resourced languages. This concentration provides the need for broad background in language construction and linguistic competency.


Degree Requirements*

*Requirements below will first appear in the 2021-22 catalog.

For the concentration in Language Documentation, the following courses are required:

Core Courses – 15 hours

LING 5070 - Research Methods in Linguistics
LING 5075 - Quantitative Research Methods in Linguistics
LING 5300 - Phonology I
LING 5310 - Syntax I
LING 5530 - Semantics and Pragmatics I

Foundation Courses – 12 hours

LING 5090 - Pedagogical Grammar
LING 5350 - Typology
LING 5380 - Linguistic Field Methods
LING 5405 - Python for Text

Elective Courses – 6 hours

Choose your electives in consultation with your faculty advisor - they'll need to be approved.

Research Seminar – 3 hours

LING 5990 - Professional Development for Linguistics