Visiting Scholars

Anna Zanina, PhD

Lecturer at the Center for Languages and Transcultural Communication
University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

Dr. Zanina’s current work aims to address the following questions: What kind of influence does the increasingly large proportion of machine-generated texts have on our language use? Which existing tendencies are strengthened or inhibited by the fact that the machine translation program prefers a specific certain pattern of a linguistic action? She is investigating whether machine translation reinforces the existing principle of economy of language and measuring textual complexity using multiword expressions (MWE), in particular collocations that appear in the form of noun phrases.

Marjing Mayanglambam
Marjing Mayanglambam is a musician from Manipur. He started learning the Pena from an early age from his father Mangangsana. Being raised up in an artistic family surrounded by artistes of Manipur and beyond, Marjing easily got to establish his musical career. He is a Pena balladeer as well as an archivist of Laihui Ensemble and holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. He has performed in various states of India and abroad, such as Japan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates. He demonstrated Pena at the “Cultural Exchange and Collaboration of Okinawan-Manipuri Music” 2019 sponsored by Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Laihui Ensemble, held in Okinawa Prefecture Japan. Also, he had a demonstration of Pena at the “International Workshop on Digital Archiving” jointly organized by IGNCA, CoRSAL - University of North Texas & Imasi Foundation held in New Delhi in 2019.
He has composed several pieces of Pena music and called the album ‘Marjing’s Pena’
Presently, he is working actively with CoRSAL, UNT as a Visiting Scholar archiving works of Manipuri/Meiteilon literature and Pena music.