Undergraduate Concentrations

Teaching English in the Global Context

As students travel, they often support their global exploration by teaching English around the world.  This concentration provides students with a set of courses for teaching English in the global context.

Requirements for the Concentration

  • LING 3070 Introduction to Linguistics (also offered online)
  • LING 4020 Structure of Modern English (Online)
    • Fall Course
  • LING 4030 Acquisition of English as a Second Language (Online)
  • LING 4080 Teaching English as a Second Language (Online)
    • Fall Course
  • LING 4410 World Englishes

*LING 3070, LING 4020, LING 4030, LING 4080 may be taken congruently in the same semester

Computational Linguistics (CL) is a rapidly growing field in the high-tech sector, critical for development of such technologies such as voice-enabled smart phones (e.g. Siri, Cortana) and home assistants (e.g. Alexa). IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson system is another example of what CL can do. Yet another application area is text analytics for market analysis. This concentration is specifically intended to address a growing need for language processing skills, particularly those associated with the rapid growth of artificial intelligence/cognitive technologies.

Requirements for the Concentration

  • LING 3070 Introduction to Linguistics
  • LING 4130 Discovering Language from Data
  • LING 4135 Python for Text
  • LING 4140 Introduction to Computational Linguistics