Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

The Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics offers students a comprehensive overview of the history of the field and a strong foundation in the core areas of phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax, exposing students to the limits and extent of language structure. A major goal of the BA program is to stimulate student curiosity about language and cultural diversity. Of general interest to our students, but of special interest to those interested in teaching English as a second language, are courses on English grammar and the history of English. Courses are also offered on theories of second language acquisition and language variation and change.

     The BA in Linguistics provides students with direction and ample practice in working with data to discover predictable linguistic patterns (linguistic problem solving). Students learn how to read, write, and present synthesis of relevant published work and original theoretical argumentation. The Capstone and Scientific Methods courses train students in original research which includes evaluating and reporting on existing findings using appropriate citation methods and creating and reporting on original experiments and arguments.

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