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We're Proud of our Alumni

The Linguistics Program is proud of its alumni and their professional successes. Some of our students have pursued careers in teaching or private businesses, and several have continued on to premiere graduate schools to study linguistics at the doctoral level. Take a minute to read the testimonials and profiles of our graduates and their experiences as Linguistics students at UNT.


Bachelor’s Alumni

Kathleen Cuyler, 2007
Kathleen Cuyler webpage

Joshua Ryan, BA 2015

Gabriel Bierwirth, BA 2016

Mary Katherine Gowdy, BA 2020

Dillon Shumaker, BA 2022

Cathryn Fung, BA 2023



Master’s Alumni

Sabine Thépaut, MA 1995

Rosella Piersanti, MA 1996

Kristan Taylor, MA 2001

William Salmon, MA 2003

Kristopher Geda, MA 2007

Dianne Markley, MA 2000

Rachel Kraut, BA 2010, MA 2012

Lisa Jeon, BA 2010, MA 2012

Alexander Smith, BA 2010, MA 2012
Alexander Smith | Linguist | Austronesian Languages

Christal Brewster, MA 2012

Nicholas Lester, MA 2012

Peter Schuelke, MA 2013

Chris Morphew, BA 2012, MA 2014

Darrin Miller, MA 2018

Melissa Robinson, MA 2018

Jonisha Ash, BA, 2018, MA 2021

Jonathan Paramore, MA 2021


PhD Alumni

Charalabos Kalpakidis, PhD (Poetics) 2002

Mary Burke, PhD (Information Science & Linguistics) 2023

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