Will Salmon

About Me:

My experience in the MA program at UNT was transformative for me. I received a wide but very solid education there in linguistics, and this allowed me to be accepted at several excellent PhD programs. I graduated with an MA in linguistics from UNT in spring 2003. From UNT, I went to Yale University for my PhD in linguistics from 2003-2009, where I worked mainly on semantics and pragmatics and Brazilian Portuguese. In my last semester at Yale I was hired for a three-year post-doc at the University of British Columbia at Vancouver, where I worked until 2011. I am now an assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I continue to work on semantics and pragmatics at UMD, though my interests have evolved over the last couple of years to include topics in sociolinguistics as well. Since 2012 I have been working almost exclusively on variation in Belizean Creole.

M.A. Linguistics, 2003